Thankful Thursday

Just discovered that I forgot to post this on Thursday.  No harm in being a few days late.  It’s never too late to be thankful!

Today I am thankful for:

1)  The sight and the warmth of sunlight coming through our windows this morning brightening our day.

2)  A good nights sleep.  This doesn’t happen as often as I wished it would, but am so thankful for those nights of sound sleep and feeling refreshed on awakening.

3)  A good appointment with my nutritionist, Michelle Berman, at Nutrition Professionals in Mesa.  This was my first follow up after meeting with her a month ago. My purpose for meeting with her is to have some help in getting my glucose & my cholesterol levels down without medication.   Grateful to have weight down 4 lbs.,  and  fasting glucose levels down fro 150’s to 120’s.  She congratulated me on a successful month!  Yes!  The most important thing she has taught me thus far is that” Carbs are not my enemy!”  I was just needing to balance the right amount of carbs at the right time each day.  The result…lower glucose levels and more energy when needed.

4)   Celebrating with our friend, Irene, on her 90th Birthday.   We enjoyed such a lovely open house gathering with her and her family and friends this week.  A sweet time with sweet friends.  The Lord has truly blessed Irene with an abundance of days!

5)  Great messages at church this month on the Home and Family.  Sure wished I had known these helpful things earlier in life, but it is always helpful to be reminded each year how to improve our homes and relationships at any stage in life.  When we know better, we do better, or at least we should!

6)  How well our daughter is recovering from her surgery.  She is glad to be back at taking on her busy schedule.  She is amazing!  Sure do love that girl!

So, what are you thankful for this week?

With a grateful heart,


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One Response to Thankful Thursday

  1. Lovely. Thanks for your perspective 🙂 Im thankful for the sunshine we’ve gotten here too after months of clouds


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