Thankful Thursday


Each morning as I do my daily devotions, I make it a point to begin my journaling with praise and thanksgiving.  There is no better way to start a day than with a heart full of gratitude.  So this weeks Thankful Thursday is an accumulation of this past weeks journal entries (bullet style)…so here we go, this is what I am thankful for!



*  Quiet, relaxing day at home
*  Feeling better, almost pain free day
*  The smell of coffee brewing–love coffee!
*  Good night’s sleep
*  Beauty of Nature
*  All of our needs met
*  Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
*  Psalms of David…love how he praises God
*  The Word of God…it is so amazing!
*  Getting to spend some time crafting
*  Great night out with dear friends
*  Precious intimate time with the Lord
*  Having the privilege of teaching Sunday School to a great groups of teens
*  “Great is our Lord and of great power; His understanding is infinite.”  Psalm 147:5
*  Great Pastor and family
*  Wonderful group of friends
*  Fun get-togethers with neighbors
*  Pride in our grandson’s achievements on his swim team
*  Encouraging words from nieces and nephew
*  For skillful surgeon’s who performed our daughter’s emergency appendectomy
*  Our precious daughter doing well after surgery  and for God seeing her through the
*  The many prayer warriors who held her up in prayer…thank you!
* My wonderfully sweet and helpful husband

What are you thankful for?

Leaving you with a copy of my devotional notebook page.


Devotional Page by rgcornish on Scribd

Truly grateful and blessed,


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