Thankful Thursday – December 22, 2016

Gingerbread Thankful Thurs.jpg
We are thankful for:

This Christmas Season

Christmas Carols, Christmas Programs, &  Contatas
Fun Christmas Parties & get-togethers
Our cherished family and wonderfully dear friends & neighbors
Our church family and the freedom to worship together
Smiles on children’s faces as they open their gifts
The symphony of colored lights
Christmas Decorating & crafting
The giving and receiving of gifts and cards
Giving to those in need

And especially:
All the blessings we have in Christ

 being chosen in eternity past

being adopted as His child
being accepted in Christ
being forgiven of my trespasses
being sealed with the Holy Spirit
being part of a great eternal plan
being renewed by His Spirit
being a Holy habitation of God
being quickened and made alive
being helped in my weakness
being able to bear fruit
being quicken and made alive
being able to have the capacity to know spiritual things
being raised to a new sphere of life
being able to receive what I ask for in Jesus’ name (according to His will)
being made an inheritor the the kingdom
so, so many more!

 Do have a blessed Christmas,

Rick & Gen 3

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