Goal Setting Sunday – November 11, 2016


God willing–my goals/plans for this week:

1) Of course, daily devotions from “In Touch” Magazine, journaling, and prayer.
2) Preparation for Sunday School – Our last lesson in “Reality Check” the Book of James – “Reviewing James.”
4)  Listen to the CD’s from the Ladies’ Conference.  I need the review!

Home & Family:
1) Weekly meal planning on Monday.
2) Make Gluten Free Christmas Cookies and Candy.

Physical & Health:
1) Daily stretching and breathing exercises.
2) Snacking on fruits and vegetables-no junk!
3)  Rest a bit to recover from my fall.

Ministry to & with others:
1) Continue writing and sending Christmas Cards. May make a few to send.
2)  Christmas Dinner out with friends in Phoenix.
3)  Church Christmas Breakfast.  Bring a gag gift!
4)  Attend Christmas Cantata Sunday afternoon.
5)  Sunday School Party after church this coming Sunday.

Just for me:
1) Spa day-Epsom salts/lavender oil baths to lower muscle aches, and to help sleep
2)  Rest!

Tasks completed last week:

1) Daily devos and prayer. Reflecting on the devotional thought of “Our Best Friend is Jesus,” I have been thinking and singing about “What a friend we have in Jesus.”  I am amazed that the transcendent deity, Jesus Christ, the mighty Creator & Ruler of Heaven and Earth, the Sovereign Lord and Savior, calls me friend.  How very fortunate I am to have such a special relationship with Him!  He truly is my best friend.
2)  Sunday School prep – Loved the theme that genuine believers pray and they persist in prayer for the sick, for the weary, for the strayer,  and one for another!  How thankful I am that, even my imperfect prayers,  cannot hinder the  incredible power of God!
3) Christmas decorating and house cleaning done!  Fell off the step ladder and did a bit of damage to this old body…so not much was accomplished after that!
4)  Eye doctor appointment went well…20/20 vision and no need for appointment for another year!  Rah!  Fun lunch out at Fudruckers, went home and rested for the remainder of the day.  (Ouch, still hurting from the fall…no more ladders for this gal.)
5)  Enjoyed ladies’ night out at church on Friday.  Our sweet Pastor’s wife, treated us to a fun evening of Christmas card making, and taco salad dinner and yummy hot chocolate. What a truly humble servant she is, and how grateful we are to have her for our Pastor’s wife and great friend.
6)  Thrilled to see how very well our grandson did at his swim meet on Saturday. He won several heats. We are so very proud of his efforts. He is amazing young man!

Here’s to another productive week, Deo Volente (God Willing)


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