Goal Setting Sunday – December 4, 2014

God willing–my goals/plans for this week:

1) Of course, daily devotions from “In Touch” Magazine, journaling, and prayer. How wonderful it is, amidst the busyness of this time of year, to focus on Christ, who came down to us so we can one day go up to Him. Christmas is just a foretaste of what awaits us when we will get to see Him face to face.
2) Preparation for Sunday School – Our last lesson in “Reality Check” the Book of James – “Pray in Faith.” Memorize memory verse – “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16
3)  Plan for Sunday School End of Quarter/Christmas Party.

Home & Family:
1) Weekly meal planning on Monday.
2) Finish decorating for Christmas.
3) Start making some Gluten Free Christmas Cookies and Candy.
5) Eye Doctors appointment in Phoenix, shopping at Trader Joe’s and Lunch out.
6) Continue grocery Shopping for Month of December.

Physical & Health:
1) Daily stretching and breathing exercises.
2) Snacking on fruits and vegetables-no junk!

Ministry to others:
1) Start on writing and sending Christmas Cards. May make a few to send.

Just for me:
1) Spa day-Epsom salts/lavender oil baths to lower muscle aches, and to help sleep
better. The new prescription for muscle relaxers is helping with sleep.

Tasks completed last week:

1) Daily devos and prayer. Loved the focus on Discernment…distinquishing truth from error, and from what’s good and what’s best. The goal is to let God’s Word become such an integral part of my thinking that it guides my decision making. The daily reading of the Word should be high on my priority list!
2) Haircut
3) “Love in a Box” put together and mailed out.
4)  Crafted 2 cards (will post this week.)
5)  Fall decorations down and started on Christmas decorating. I am amazed at how much
cleaning goes along with this…remove, clean, redecorate.
6)  Grocery Shopping
7)   Made desserts for Sunday-after-church lunch.
8)  Dental appointment – all went well…not sure why I always dread this so?

Here’s to another productive week, Deo Volente (God Willing)


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