Thankful Thursday – December 1, 2016

I am thankful for:

How very grateful I am that I did wake up this morning,
and that God has given me one more day.
How comforting to know that “My times are in His hands!” Psalm 31:15
“Our times are in Thy hand,
Whatever they may be,
Pleasing or painful, dark or bright,
As best may seem to Thee.”
    The great truth is this—all that concerns the believer is in the hands of the Almighty God. “My times”, these change and shift; but they change only in accordance with unchanging love, and they shift only according to the purpose of One with whom is no variableness nor shadow of a turning. “My times”, that is to say, my ups and my downs, my health and my sickness, my poverty and my wealth—all those are in the hand of the Lord, who arranges and appoints according to His holy will the length of my days, and the darkness of my nights. Storms and calms vary the seasons at the divine appointment. Whether times are reviving or depressing remains with Him who is Lord both of time and of eternity; and we are glad it is so.  (Charles Spurgeon)

How very thankful I am for the team mate the Lord has given me.  Rick is such a blessing and help to me.  While preparing dinner one night this week, he pitched in and set the table, helped in preparation of the meal, and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.  He complimented me (and he usually does) on how tasty the meal was.   I felt “happy-hearted” as we headed to the livingroom to rest for the remaining evening hours.  I couldn’t help but to think, “What a good team we make!”



Last evening we were listening to two gents in our church practice a duet for the Christmas Contata.  Their song was filled with such exuberance and emotion,  and it just lifted our souls.  What a wonderful foretaste of what is to come in just a few weeks…I can’t wait!
How very thankful I am for music and the impact that it has in my life.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from.” – Billy Joel

How Music Benefits Our Health
  • 1) Improves visual & verbal skills.
  • 2) Keeps an aging brain healthy.
  • 3) Music Makes You Happier.
  • 4) Impacts Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure.
  • 5) Improves Sleep Quality.
  • 6) Boosts Your Immune System & Reduces Pain.
  • 7) Reduces Depression & Anxiety and Elevates Mood.



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