Thankful Thursday – November 3, 2016

Thankful Thursday Blog
I am thankful for:

Refreshing rain that clears the dusty air and saturates the ground.
It is a cool 57 degrees here in Arizona City this morning!

For my Jr.-Sr. High Sunday School Class at Heaven’s View Baptist Church here in AZ City.  They are so enthusiastic about learning the truth of God’s Word.   We have been having such a great time together going through the book of James.  I so appreciate each one of them,  and their willingness to participate in lively discussion.  I am so thankful for such a great group of young people!

For my husbands successful surgery on Wednesday at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. How very thankful we are for the kind and caring staff at the medical center and for the anesthesia team, and the skillful hands of surgeon,  Dr. Ramon Mourelo.  With the removal of two diseased parathyroid glands, we are praying that Rick will be getting some much needed energy back, along with the lessening of developing more kidney stones.  We are also grateful for the Great Physician who oversees every aspect of our lives and is so faithful to bring us through the difficult times in our lives!  We praise Him!

With a sincere and grateful heart,

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