Goal-setting Sunday -October 30, 2016


 My goals/plans for this week:

1)  Of course, daily devotions from “In Touch” Magazine, journaling, and prayer.
2)  Study for Jr.-Sr. High Sunday School Class – Book of James 4:13-17 “My Plans or God’s
3)   Read two chapters of “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ” by John Piper.
4)  Memorize James 4:14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapour, that appearth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

Home & Family
1)  Be by my husband’s side for this Wednesday’s surgery (Parathyroid.)
1)  Finish daughter’s bracelet.
2)  Wash windows and screens in guest bedroom and kitchen.   (Not done last week. Need to get this done in cool early morning hours–still pretty toasty here in AZ in the afternoons.)

1)  Walk 20 minutes three days a week.
2)  Daily stretching and breathing exercises.
3)  Snacking on fruits and vegetables-no junk!

Ministry to others:
1)  Make and send cards to two friends who need encouraging.
2)  Make goodie basket for new neighbor!

1)  Learn more about gardening in the desert!
2)  Learn something new by listening to podcast on one of my favorite topics.

Just for me:
1)   Spa day-Epsom salts/lavender oil baths to lower muscle aches, and to help sleep better.

Tasks completed last week:
Sunday School lesson prepared and verse memorized.
Daily devos-amazing how they line up with my Sunday School lesson!
Finished decorating house for fall.
Grandson’s “Love Package”  done and mailed.  Will post next week.
Walked 20 minutes 2 days, stretching and breathing exercises, good snacking!
Made and sent 3 birthday cards and two “praying for you” cards, tea card and holder for
daughter.  Will post next week.
Listened to week long Thyroid/Autoimmune Summit (45 min. each day)–very informative.
Monthly grocery shopping and errands two mornings.

Here’s to another productive week,


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