Thankful Thursday

thankful copy

I am thankful for:

My daughter, Lori, being such a good mother!  So appreciate the time she spends with Sean Michael heading him in the right direction!   Regardless of how she might feel, she is always there for him, taking him where he needs to go, involving him in activities that are making him a well-rounded young man.   She are such a great mom!

Our grandson, who did such an outstanding job at his swim team’s Lap-a-thon!
He was a bit anxious about being able to swim 50 laps, but, bravo,  he did it!
I asked if he was exhausted after finishing those laps, and mom said, “Believe it or not, no!”  I would love to have a fraction of his energy!  He is amazing!

This being Pastor Appreciation Month, my husband and I are so thankful for our compassionate, caring Pastor and friend, who is such a blessing in our lives.
We do love him so!
So thankful for his:
Feeding us every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and  Wednesday night.
Planting seeds and nurturing disciples.
Prayers lifted up on our behalf.
Wise counsel and words of encouragement.
Outreach to and involvement in  our community.
Sacrifice and service.

Have a great day filled with gratitude,

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