Goal-Setting Sunday – October 23,2016

While viewing Kim’s Menu Plan Monday post over at Hope Whispers , I noticed that she posted her goals for the week following her menu plans.  I so liked that idea so much that I thought I might consider posting some goals of my own each week.  There is something about writing goals (or plans for the week) down that makes me a bit more accountable in getting them accomplished.  So here we go!

My goals/plans for this week:

1)  Of course, daily devotions from “In Touch” Magazine, journaling, and prayer.
2)  Read 2 chapters of “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ” by John Piper.
3)  Study for Jr.-Sr. High Sunday School Class – Book of James 4:11-12 “Don’t Judge Me.”
4)  Memorize James 3:10 “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing.  My
brethren, these things ought not to be so.”

Home & Family:
1)  Sew hubby’s hunting pants.  (He has lost so much weight from being on a gluten-free
2)  Wash windows and screens in guest bedroom and kitchen.
3)  Finish decorating for fall.
4)  Work on grandson’s monthly love package.
5)  Finish daughter’s  bracelet.

Physical/Health:  (Note, just coming off a bad Lupus flare)
1)  Walk 20 minutes three days a week.  It’s a start!
2)  Daily stretching and breathing exercises.
3)  Snacking on fruits and vegetables-no junk!

Ministry to others:
1)  Make and send cards to two friends who need encouraging.
2)  Make and send card to an ill family member.

1)  Learn more about gardening in the desert!
2)  Learn something new by listening to podcast on one of my favorite topics.

Just for me:
1)  Finish beaded bracelet.
2)  Spa day-Epsom salts/lavender oil baths to lower muscle aches, and to help sleep better.

Here’s to a productive week,

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