Menu Plan Monday – October 10,2016


While shopping with my husband last week, he eyed a couple of items that he thought might make some tasty meals…so the menu plans changed a bit.  Friday he enjoyed his $2.97 a pound Roast Beef with hot roast beef sandwiches for Sunday dinner, and we still have more than half of the roast to consume!  The Turkey Breasts purchased at $.99 per pound along with another Roast Beef will be frozen until weather is a bit cooler yet here in AZ.  

Crab Stuffed Sole
Steamed Broccoli
Cherry Tomato Salad

Yes, Roast Beef Again!
Roast Beef Hash, Eggs and Toast
Green Beans, Sliced Tomatoes

Ranch Chicken (Trying a new Gluten Free Recipe this week)
Holly’s recipe can be found here.
Lettuce Wedges with Russian Dressing
Vegetable Medley

FRIDAY (From Last Week’s Menu again)  

Creamed tuna on toast cupsTomato Juice Cocktail
Marge’s Creamed Tuna in Toast Cups
(I’ll use Trader Joe’s GF Bread.)
Sliced Cucumbers and Tomatoes

SATURDAY (From last week’s plan)
Billy’s Beef and Cabbage Soup
Tossed Salad

(From Last Week’s Menu again)
Chicken napoliChicken Napoli
Tossed Salad
Garlic Bread

Have a Yummy Week,


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