Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday Blog

I am thankful for:

Happy Days!  Yesterday, as I was leaving a retail store and getting into my car, I just started smiling and feeling the most overwhelming sense of happiness, peace and joy.  I started singing, “O Happy Day.”    I know only the Lord provides this kind of joy even amid the negative happenings in our world and in our personal lives.

My wonderful husband, who will be celebrating his 71st birthday tomorrow.  He is such an amazing man with such strength of character…something you don’t find much these days,  He has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps me laughing and uplifted every day!  I treasure my days with him, and am so glad the Lord saw fit to pair me with him.
I honestly don’t know what I would do without him!

My daughter and her family in NY.  We had some really great times together this summer while staying at the farmhouse.  Loved the memory of Sean Michael getting his trumpet and how eager he was to try it out.  He decided to go out on the porch to play it (a bit of reprieve for us inside), and the cows left and went into their shelter, no where to be seen.
Time to get away this weekend with four lovely lady friends of mine.  Love these dear ladies!
We will be attending a ladies’ conference at Valley Baptist Church in Mesa.


 Have a wonderful day,

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