For the Love of Beading – Makeovers and Newbees

Resting from a Lupus/Fibro flare this past week  so I decided to do some quiet activities, such as the repairing and redesigning of some of my jewelry.


I purchased this set from “Heart Desire” Christian Bookstore in Oneida, New York
many years ago.  Karen Linton, the store would always  buy such beautiful pieces of jewelry to resell in the store.  This was one of my very favorite pieces.

I had lost an earring to this set so I took off two of five hearts and make earrings…now I have an extra earring.  It also was just a bit lower than I liked, so taking two hearts off made it the perfect length.  Can’t wait to start wearing this again.

IMG_20160621_055640 (2)

This piece my mother purchased for me from the Speigel Catalog when I was a teen (too many years ago, 1960’s).  I was allowed to purchase pieces for my school wardrobe, and dressy dresses for church and special events each year.  Wow, did I ever think that was the greatest thing to be able to do!  This set had a rather large bulky bracelet which I didn’t like, so I redesigned a much smaller one.  The necklace did break, and I could not quite remember how I had been beaded, so this is my best effort.  I did replace the snap-earring backings with pierced-eared posts.

I do have a few more jewelry pieces to repair and will take those on vacation with me to complete, and even perhaps work on a few new pieces.  To be sure I will be checking out the beading shops while away.  I especially like these:

SuperDuo Zippy Wrap Bracelet
by Harlequin Bead & Jewelry

You can find the list of supplies and instructions for making his bracelet here.





Bracelet 171b
Crystal Chain with Pearl Variation
From Linda’s Crafty Inspirations
I have a broken pearl necklace that was my mothers, and I would dearly love to use those in a project, so this is going to be my choice.

Earrings 084

I will plan on making earrings to match.  You can find instructions for these on Linda’s Blog here

Linda’s blog is an amazing recourse for soooo many great beading projects.  I will want to stop by there.

Also Deb  Roberti’s,  Around the Beading Table is another great beading resource.  She has some amazing patterns at reasonable costs, and many are free.

Bracelet 067b Crystal Chain Variation
made with Deborah Roberti’s “Crystal Chain” pattern.

Supplies and instructions can be found here on Linda’s Crafty Inspirations Blog.
She will direct you to Deborah Roberti’s blog or listed above.

Have a creative day,

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