Love in a Box for February 2016

It’s always a joy for us to send our Grandson a monthly “Thinking of You” Package.  This month’s package is all about LOVE!  Grandchildren are truly a blessing from God!  We are so very thankful for our grandson who just delights our hearts.

CTG Kids February 2016
DEVOTIONAL – The always included “Call to Glory Kids”  is an exciting devotional designed for kids.  It is filled with stories illustrating Biblical principles, with games, puzzles, and fun facts throughout each daily lesson that will make learning fun.

Some of the principles that will be taught and reinforced are: Honoring God, Honoring Parents, Christian Character, Fairness, Family, Friends, and more.

Our church orders these for all of the young folks in our church, and they provide me with an extra to send to our grandson.  We so want him to be trained up in the ways of the Lord.

They are available at:

Lunch box Valentines


LUNCH BOX FUN – These “Lunch Box Valentine Jokes” are labeled “For Mom.”  Our grandson prefers to take his lunch so these will be a great fun when mom makes these additions to his lunch box.

They’re a hoot!

You can find the source here:

CASH FOR THE POCKET – Our grandson always looks for a bit of spending cash.  I made this Valentine money envelope/card designing it on my Silhouette Cameo and using Papertreyink heart dies.  He truly has been an awesome grandson, right from the start.  We can hardly believe that he will be turning 8 years old this coming July!

 GOD’S LOVE VALENTINE COUNT DOWN – A little something to look forward to each day before Valentine’s Day.  I found this on Pinterest and thought it would be a nice reminder to our grandson of just how much God loves him.  For 14 days, he can pick a heart from the envelope, read the scripture and then post the heart with an adhesive dot on his bedroom wall.

Fun Things.JPG
LEGOS –  When we asked our grandson what he might like in his box for February, he said, “Legos”, which was no surprise.  While shopping at Fry’s electronics, grandpa in search for his contribution to SMQ’s package, discovered a couple of rows of Lego products.  He was sharing with me that SMQ would be in his glory there, and then thinking that he would go to the snack bar and wait for Grandma and SMQ to do the shopping.   The decision making process would be rather long!

ORIGAMI PAPER – Our daughter told me that SMQ’s school teacher was looking for something for SMQ to do in class while waiting for the other students to finish their work.  Our daughter suggested perhaps Origami.    He attends a Christian Academy and the students work at their own pace.  SMQ seems to work quickly, leaving him in need of something else to do.  In cleaning out closets this week, I just so happened to come across some Origami paper that our daughter had sent to her from a Japanese pen pal years ago when she was in grade school.  I have to laugh remembering how she got into a bit of trouble making origami objects…birds, flowers, and even a bus… and selling them to the other students.  She had quite a little business going on there in grade school.  Hope she doesn’t give SMQ any entrepreneurial ideas.

SWEETS – And lastly, a bouquet of Valentine Lollipops for his sweet tooth.  This is not something we usually add, but hopefully, mom will okay just this one time.  Perhaps he will share with some friends.  She prefers that he doesn’t eat sugary or junk foods, which is a good thing.  SMQ maintains that he and dad love junk food.

We’ll grandpa is out the door on his way to the Post Office to get SMQ’s package sent…it’s on its way to New York!  Hope he enjoys it as much as we enjoy putting it together.

Have a lovely day,


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