Organizational Journal – Devotional Extras

My-Image9Lord I Have Shut the Door
by Jill Brisco
Lord, I have shut the door, speak now the word
Which in din and throng could not be heard;
Hushed now my inner heart, whisper Thy will
While I have come apart, while all is still.
Lord, I have shut the door, here I bow,
Speak for my soul attend turns to Thee now.
Rebuke Thou what is vain, counsel my soul.
Thy holy will reveal, my will control.
Lord, I have shut the door, strengthen my heart;
Yonder awaits the task I share apart.
Only through grace bestowed may I be true.

Here while alone with Thee my strength renew.

I keep these devotional help pages in my devotional notebook/journal and review them often.  PDF can be found here:  DAILY PRAYER

Both of these items are from Warren Wiersbe’s Commentary of the New Testament.  This is such a great plan for putting on the armor of God.  How many times has someone exhorted you to put the armor on, and didn’t have a clue by what they meant.  Warren Weirsbe really makes it very clear how to do this on a daily basis.

The how to have a  “Quiet Time”  page I put together for teaching Sunday School students how to have a personal “Quiet Time” with God praying the ACTS way.   I still use this as a guide for help with specific scriptures for Adoring and Praising God.  You can find the PDF here:  QUIET TIME

I find this  next form great for taking to Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening to jot down new requests not on our Church prayer sheet (which fortunately, when folded in half, fits nicely into our journals.)  It is also handy when someone asks you to pray for them or intercede on someone else’s behalf, you can just jot in down in your notebook so that you can remember to pray.  Again, I print on both sides of the paper yielding 4 sheets when cut in half.   You can find the PDF here  Prayer List

My prayer for you would be that you will find these pages helpful in developing a consistent, vibrant, joyful devotional life!

Have a blessed day,

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