Organizational Journal – Devotional Pages

My Santuary

“When I remove myself from the fast track and keep my appointment with Him who made me, His Words take on greater meaning than a good meal.  What great thoughts He has for me, what insights, what comfort, what reassurance!”

This devotional page was designed on MS Word and is printed both sides paper yielding two devotional pages.  The PDF can be found here:  Devotions

I do use a devotional magazine for my daily Bible study.  I have used “In Touch” Magazine for years and truly enjoy the content of that devotional guide.  Dr. David Jeremiah also has a great devotional magazine called “Turning Points.”    These are also available on Facebook.

Our church provides us with another great devotional guide called “Call to Glory.”  Our church also provides a children’s devotional CTG Kids for the youth of our church which is excellent.  I mail one of these to my grandson each month and he  seems to really enjoy receiving it.  Click the underlined link to preview each.


I read the devotional for the day, jot down key points and scriptures, and then reflect on what the Word is saying to me.  I often write a prayer to the Lord in response to what He taught me this particular day.  Often it involves confession noted on the 2nd page.

I end my devotional time by reflecting  on my previous days activities and record “my doings” for that day, keeping it very brief.

Tomorrow I will post a few devotional ideas that I particularly like to review occasionally, such as “Putting on the Armor,” “Giving God Your BMW,” “How to have a Quiet Time,” and a prayer list form.

Have a blessed day,

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One Response to Organizational Journal – Devotional Pages

  1. What I love about the posts you share is how practical they are with tips for us from time to time! I’m going to use this one. I can’t start my day without Jesus either!


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