Organizational Journals – Sermon Note Pages

images (3)I definitely am a note taker, especially during the preaching/teaching part of our worship services.  So often our Pastor has such good instruction from the Word that I want to keep it handy for review.  I frequently use what I have been taught to teach others, that very often being my Senior High Sunday School class.  The older I get, it seems, the harder it is to remember things.  My memory does not serve me well anymore, so note taking is essential for me.

Another reason I like to take sermon notes  is that it keeps me focused.  I have found the aging process has weaken my hearing so I struggle to “listen up.”    I am also very easily distracted by movement and the sights and sounds around me, so keeping my pen to the notebook helps.

At the end of each month, I file all my Organizational Journal pages (Calendar, Sermon Notes, etc.)  in another small binder and accumulate for the year.   Walmart has these small vinyl binders ( 7 1/4″ x 9″ x 1 1/2″) available for reasonable prices.

The sermon note form was produced on MS Word, and is available here in PDF:  Sermon Note1

You may also print from Scribd below:

Again, I save a copy for my organizational binder to copy from.  I do copy on both side of paper yielding 4 half pages when cut in half.

Hoping this is a helps you in getting and keeping you organized,

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