Organizational Journals – Calendar Pages

Continuing to fill our Organizational Journal with helpful items.  Today the Calender section contains a half page calendar for the  upcoming year 2016 which is just right around the corner.

2016 Half page calendar
  is printable here.

This Week’s Events form is one that I put together some time ago on Excel  and have used for many years.  It is my whole week at a glance.  This can be kept in your notebook or put on the refrigerator for quick reference to this week’s events.

I use left hand column to note  scheduled appointments,  holidays and birthdays, anniversaries.  In the right hand column, I write down my dinner plan for that evening.
I have found it handy to have phone contacts with their numbers, my priorities for the week, and a section for notes on this same page.  I print this on both sides of paper and then cut in half and punch with 3-holed punch to place in journal/notebook.

This Week’s Events  PDF printable here.

I also keep a yearly pocket calendar in my purse so that I have an overall monthly view of upcoming scheduled events and appointments for both my husband and I.

Our women’s ministry, “Heavenly Hearts”  at Heaven’s View Baptist Church also publishes monthly calendars with our church events which we load into our notebooks and use for planning ministry events.

I keep this “To Do” list in front of my calendar pages.  I print this on both side of paper also, which gives me 4 “To Do” Lists.

PDF can be printed here:  Things to Do

I print a copy of each of my notebook forms and keep in an Organizational Journal Notebook insterting them into sheet protectors.  When I am in need of more forms, I just copy from these original forms.


Hope you all have a blessed day and stay organized!

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