Organizational Journals – Divider Sections and Tabs

These are the Organizational Journal Dividers that are printed on white card stock.  I print one and turn the card stock and print on the other end which helps to conserve card stock.
The pics here are jpg’s (not very clear)  and the PDF’s for printing are here:  Journal Dividers   Name Page here:  Journal Name Page

Journal Dividers listed are Calendar, Sermon Notes, Bible Study, Devotions, Goals/Plans,  Accountability, Women’s Ministry, Addresses, Name Page and This & That. For”This and That” I just used a blank piece of card stock.

Sermon Notes Divider  Calendar Divider

Bible Study Divider  Goals-Plans Divider

Accountability Divider   Heavenly Hearts Divider

Address Book Divider  Devotions DividerName Page
Journal Divider Tabs (Labels)
Journal Tabs one inch    Avery Tabs
PDF for Journal Tabs here:  Notebook Labels
These fit perfectly into Avery Clear Index Tabs or you can make your own to match your notebook design and color.

I have given these notebooks/journals  as gifts to friends and have themed them according to their likes, i.e., Butterfly, Gardening, Bees, Roosters, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Fishing, Hunting, Farming, etc., and have bordered the dividers accordingly.

Hope you will have fun and be creative as you put together a journal for yourself, family member or a friend.  Be watching for organizational pages to be inserted into each category.
Have a creative day,

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