Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursday Blog
1 Thessalonians 5:18
“In everything, give thanks.”

my-presence-dayspringThe Lord’s very presence in our lives.
He makes the difference!

Our church family at Heaven’s View Baptist Church and our loving, caring Pastor
who is so adept at teaching us.  He and his family are such a blessing to us!

SS ClassMy “Ignited, On Fire for God” Jr.-Sr. High Sunday School Class.  I am so
thankful that I get to teach this great group on young people.  (Missing
students, Tyler, Gabriel, and Kristina and visitors, Ralissa and Raeanna)

Family in NY 2015
Our family.  The Lord has blessed us with such a great family.  They all are so dear to Rick and I.  Even though we all seem to be going through some trials right now, how good it is that we have love and concern for one another, and that these trials are the very things that endear us to one another.  Prayer for each other keeps us close in heart.  (Missing from the photo…Patty and some of her family, David and his family…perhaps next year with some planning we can all be together.)
sunflower-tiffanyrichards-digitalOur daily provision.  God is good to provide all our needs and yes,  even some of our wants.  We are blessed!

With a grateful heart,

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