Vacation Decorating Inspiration

Hotel BeddingWhile staying at several hotels this summer, I was inspired by some of their decorating ideas.  I really liked the idea of having smaller square pillows.  They were wrapped envelop-style with standard-sized pillow cases folded in half.  We have several king pillows that my husband find too large and could be sized down into several small pillows.

Of course, I had to measure the bed scarf and pillow.  The scarf measured 24″ wide by 94″ long, and the pillow 9 1/2″ wide by 25″ long with a 3″ overlap in the back.   It would take about 3 yards of 54″ decorator fabric to make both.  Extra fabric would be needed if runner were to be lined.  I believe these beds were queens.  Another thought would be to design a quilt pattern that would look great as a bed scarf (usable as a table runner also) and pillow (see example below.)442770d1d0968bd553ad390bafaf968e

I loved these simple ideas for refreshing our sleeping areas.

Have a creative day,


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