Valentine’s Devotion: How to Really Love Your Wife!


I so wanted to write a post for Valentine’s Day that would reflect what I have been hearing from God’s Word over the past month about the family and home and the need for  us to build stronger homes and relationships therein.  Love is a verb; it is something we do, not just say.  So how do we better love our husbands, wives, and children.   This post focuses on the wife’s needs and how her husband can show his love for her.  The next devotional I will focus on the husband’s needs.  These devotional notes are from Adrian Rogers’ message entitled, “Divine Design.”  Don’t you just love the subway art above!
Perhaps I will frame this one for my husband’s bed table, and one for me (from my next devotional post) for my bed table.  How we need to be reminded!

7  Things Every Woman Needs from Her Husband:

  1. She needs her husband to be the Spiritual Leader of the home. This will stabilize her like nothing else.
  2. She needs to know that she is number one in his life among all human beings beyond a shadow of doubt.
  3. She needs to know that her husband delights in her and cherishes her as a person.
  4. She needs to have her husband to take the assignment to watch over and protect her in her area of limitation.
  5. She needs her husband to be responsible to set quality time and intimate time with her.
  6. She needs her husband to be aware of her presence even when doing other things.
  7. She needs him to invest in her life so as to fulfill the things of her world.

Husband role Biblically:

Provider in the home – Man was made stronger to dig, chop and work by the sweat of his brow, and to be the principle bread winner. To provide not only for physical needs (house, car, food, etc.,) but also for his family’s spiritual and emotional needs. His wife is to be the child bearer, the nurturer, and caretaker of her home.

Protector – She was made to be the weaker (not inferior) vessel which needs to be protected, to be presented  as a beautiful creature without spot or wrinkle. He is not to allow anyone or anything defile her or scar her spirit or character.

Pastor –  The husband needs to be able to say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”   The husband needs to be the spiritual leader of the home. His heart and his home need to belong to Jesus. If this is not done, the prayer of the husband will be hindered because he IS NOT honoring his wife (as above.) 1 Peter 3:7

References: 1 Peter 3 –  Genesis 3 – Ephesians 5: 22-33

Hope you will be back to check out the upcoming post on   “How to Really Love Your Husband.” 

Hear Adrian Rogers’ complete teaching on this at:

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