Thankful Thursday – Lovin’ Homemade

DSCN3695 DSCN3696
This beautiful wreath was made by one of my Sunday School students, Rebecca Roe.  She did an amazing job on this work of art!  We live among the cotton field of Arizona, and she made this with cotton burrs.  She even considered my home decorating colors.  Absolutely loving it!  It looks so lovely on our front entry door.  I plan to keep this up way after Christmas!

This cute little snowman enwrapped chocolate bar was gifted to each Sunday School teacher at our church.  No one was fessing up to making these.  Who ever you are, you are certainly a blessing to many.  Doesn’t this just make you smile?

This beautiful beaded necklace was given to me by my dear friend and beading teacher, Linda.  I was so surprised that she was able to do this.  Linda had taken a fall last and broke her shoulder and damaged her wrist, and has had to endure many months of pain, surgery, suffering, and endless therapy appointments.  What a labor of love!
I am forever grateful for this special friend.

Especially grateful,


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One Response to Thankful Thursday – Lovin’ Homemade

  1. Karen Xavier says:

    The wreath is so pretty, very thoughtful gift. The chocolates too, and the necklace… Pretty cool friends.


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