Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday Fall 2

I am thankful for:

Gentle rains–cool, refreshing, cleansing, watering rains!

10665373_10202036558470240_7472666137130674533_nWell, it did rain a bit!  Gentle rains that kept coming and coming!  These pics are from our friend, Charity, who was recused by her parents.

 Plant-bearing friends.  So many lovely sights in our yard are the gifts of friends.

This Blue Potato Bush from my friend, Melda, is off to a good start
underneath our Palo Brea.

2718636672_cda94d7a5e_m Moses in the Bulrushes from my friend, Julene.

DSCN3537 Succulent from Melda!  Wished you could see her gardens!
I will have to snap some pics when I visit her next time.

Lovely little spider plant loves the light!  Again, from my friend, Melda.
Melda also gifted me with another succulent for my birthday.

For great friends!
On Saturday we celebrated the 70th birthday of a dear friend, Mike, with a surprise birthday party put together by his daughter.  Charity did such an outstdanding job putting this party together.  Food and fellowship couldn’t have been better!
We had such a lovely time there.
1504086_636004909790485_728426322_n 10696445_10202036999801273_4166761886533238166_n

On Sunday, we were surprised with a visit from a dear friend, Cathy,
from Texas on Sunday.  How great it was to see her.

Then, treated to an after-church birthday lunch by two of our dearest friends, Phil and Linda, who are always a joy to be with.  We really had been missing them so much, and it was wonderful to be able to spend valued time with them.

Our family
Cape Cod 2014

 Have a Blessed day,


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