His Word For My Week – When Life Gets to Be a Bit Much!

His Word My Week
“And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said Arise and eat; because the journey to too great for thee.”
1 Kings 19:7

I can so relate to Elijah finding himself under a broom tree with the worse case of the “woe-be-me’s.”  He was worn out, exhausted, down, depressed, in a state of panic, and feeling like “enough is enough.”  I am sure that we have all had days like those when we find life’s circumstances to be a “bit too much!”   How interesting that Elijah is fed by a raven in his successes and fed (angel food cake) by an angel in his time of feeling like a failure.  Talk about God’s wonderful grace!  God provided sustenance that would keep Elijah for 6 weeks. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have to make a sustaining meal once every 6 weeks?)  Yes, even in our most despairing moments, God provides!  He will not force us to come and eat.  We must be willing partakers!  He gives us His Word (Manna from Heaven), His Spirit to guide and comfort us, and even, yes, angels to watch over and minister to us (that must be a full time job!)  Are we desiring to read His Word, to yield to His Spirit’s leading, to pray and communicate with Him on a daily basis?  I loved A.W. Pink’s commentary on this: 

  “But there is a practical lesson here for each of us, even for those whom grace hath preserved from backsliding. “The journey is too great for thee.” Not only life’s journey as a whole, but each daily segment of it will make demands above and beyond our own unaided powers. The faith required, the courage demanded, the patience needed, the trials to be borne, the enemies to be overcome, are “too great” for mere flesh and blood. What then? Why, begin the day as Elijah began this one: “Arise and eat.” You do not propose to go forth to a day’s work without first supplying your body with food and drink, and is the soul more able to do without nourishment? God does not ask you to provide the spiritual food, but has graciously placed it by your side. All He asks is, “Arise and eat:” feed on the heavenly manna that your strength may be renewed; begin the day by partaking of the Bread of Life, that you may be thoroughly furnished for the many demands that will be made upon your graces.” 

Have a blessed day,

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