Thankful Thursday

 Thankful Thursday Fall 2

I am thankful for:

Quiet time in the Word each morning.   I love the serenity of early morning before the sun is up.  I am so thankful to have to Word of God available to me.
“The entrance of thy words giveth light;  it giveth understand unto the simple.”
Psalm 119:130

Rick & Gen 3
Rick and I growing old together.  We’ve been friends for well over 50 years.
We both celebrated birthdays this past week and are so thankful that the Lord has given us another year together.   And how very special it was to receive so many birthday greetings from our family and friends.  They have enriched our lives,  and we truly feel blessed!

Recovering from a Lupus flare and respiratory infection.  Ill for well over 3 weeks, it seems good to be on the upside.  Oh, how I missed church services and fellowshipping with my church family.  It was really great to be back at church this past Sunday.  How very thankful I am for a loving, caring, and encouraging church family.


For God’s provision for our needs and,  above and beyond,  our wants!  So thankful for a warm, comfy home, water, food, clothing, air conditioning, heat, indoor plumbing, electricity, electronics, music, books, medicine, health care, money in the bank, freedom of religion, opportunity for education, protection and safety, God’s amazing creation, family, friends, and loving partners… and so much more!

Have a grateful day,

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