Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Time to spend together with our daughter and grandson.  It has been such a special week together.  Absence truly does make the heart fonder.  How we have missed them!  We can hardly believe the week is so quickly drawing to an end.  We had such an amazing day yesterday at Sea Life Aquarium in Phoenix discovering the fascinating creatures of the deep.  Our grandson especially liked the 360 degree ocean tunnel where he came nose-to-nose with sharks, turtles, and rays.
    DSCN3414 DSCN3418
  2. Adventures in cooking and baking!  Our grandson loves to help in the kitchen.  Making scones is always a must when grandma and grandson are together.  I think at age 6, he can pretty much make them on his own.  Mini chocolate chip-  coconut are his favorites and pecan-current are grandma’s favorite.  Sprinkling grandma with a bit of flour makes for some kitchen fun too!
    DSCN3360 DSCN3363 DSCN3353 (3)
  3. My grandson being able to swim much better this year.  It certainly helps to have a mommy who is a swim instructor at her local YWCA.  Last year he didn’t even want to get his face wet, and this year he is diving for golf balls, swimming the 8′ diameter of the pool, and doing lifeguard jumps off the ladder.   Grandma also had a few swim lessons and lots of fun playing water games with my daughter and grandson.  Yes, these are such fun, kick-back days of summer!
  4. Having my dear, darling daughter here to cook.  She is an amazing cook and baker.  Every morning she made such wonderful breakfasts…eggs, sausage, home fries, French toast, yogurt parfaits,  etc., and for desserts…strawberry rhubarb pie, fresh raspberry galette, banana bread and coconut crème pie (for our pastor.)
    DSCN3437 DSCN3438 DSCN3441  DSCN3435
  5. Grandpa and grandson time together.  Our grandson really enjoyed going out to breakfast at McDonald’s, going to the park, and spending time at home building the farm with Grandpa.  These are treasured days!
    DSCN3432  ??????????
  6. For all of God’s riches blessings on our family.  We really are so blessed!  Our hearts overflow with God’s goodness toward us.
    Have a blessed day,

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