Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for:

    • the freedom to worship our Lord Jesus Christ here in America.  How horrific it is to see Christians in the Middle East slaughtered for their faith and so many fleeing for their lives.
    • our wonderful church family.  We experience such great joy being with those we love in our church family at Heaven’s View Baptist Church.  The preaching, teaching, and fellowship encourage and uplift us.  Nothing better than being able to serve the Lord with this fine group of brothers and sisters in the Lord!
    • my Youth Sunday School class!  I am grateful for such a fine group of young men and young ladies who love the word of God and desire to grow in Him.  They bring me much delight!  We have such wonderful learning moments together.  We are thankful for our new Sunday School classroom(almost finished) giving us much needed space!
    •  the World Wide Web…the information highway!  It is almost overwhelming to think of how quickly we can get any piece of information needed, and how we can communicate with friends and family on a daily basis whether they be near or far.
    •  our cherished friends, the DeJongs and the DeKruifs.  We had such a great time together this week going to the DeKruif’s baptism.  How very thankful we are to have had the opportunity to share in this special moment in their lives.  We love these folks and are so thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross.

Feeling blessed,

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