Scrapbooking – Bye, Bye, Tonsils!


We traveled to New York to be with our grandson during and following his surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He was such a brave boy facing surgery.  He said he wanted to be strong like his dad!  Recovery was no fun.  Mom and Grandma stocked their refrigerators with plenty of ice cream, popsicles, pudding and soft, easy-to-swallow foods.

I do prefer scrapbook pages to have texture and embellishments that are dimensional and touchable so I design the page digitally then complete the page step by step using my Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine.  I put mats under the pics and add ribbon, buttons, etc. to embellish.  The plus is that I have a copy, and he will have the original for his memory book.   I inserted a journal tag for him or his mom to journal his memories of this probably not-so-fun time in his life.  I’ll package this up with a protective sheet and enclose it in my grandson’s monthly package to New York.




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