Mother’s Favorite Hymn

For some reason today, I woke up thinking about my mother.  How I miss her presence.  So many times I have wished she could be with me to experience special things, to seek her wise counsel on a matter, or even to  hear the sound of her comforting, gentle voice.  God truly did bless me with a wonderful Mother.  My praises of her would fill pages!


“In the Garden” was my mother’s favorite hymn.  I can recall singing this to me while walking down the street, her secure, loving hand grasping my little hand.  What a precious memory!  A couple of days prior to her departure to be with her Lord, the night nurse (a wonderful Christian lady) at the nursing home called me asking me to come quickly fearing that this might be her last night here.  She asked me what her favorite hymn was, and I replied “In the Garden.”  We wheeled her bed into the center of the room, and we both sang this song (all the verses) to her….what a moment!  My mom,  almost delirious with fever,  looked up and said, “Am I in Heaven…the angels are singing?”  Fortunately that wasn’t her final moment, but within a few days she did look upon her Savior,  face to face.  On her final day, my daughter, Lori and I were at her chair side watching  a Christian TV station and what should Christian harpist, Greg Buchanan,  be playing on his harp,
“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”  She took her last breath and with arm in the air, she was in the presence of the Lord.  Unbelievable!   God is So Good!

Have a Blessed Day,



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One Response to Mother’s Favorite Hymn

  1. shortybear says:

    Bless your dear heart. Such precious memories.


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