Couldn’t be prouder!

     Kindergarten 2014

Today we received a surprise phone call  here in Arizona from the principal of Marathon Christian Academy in New York telling us how very proud he was of our grandson, Sean Michael.  He thanked us for the investment we are making in our grandson’s Christian education and how well he is doing.  He shared with us that two young people today volunteered to pray for the police officer that was killed yesterday in the Johnson City shooting.  Our 5-year old grandson was one of those that volunteered to pray this morning.

Sean Michael tells us how very much he loves his school, his principal and his teacher.  His mom shared with us last night that Sean Michael told her that he hugged his teacher that day.  When his mom asked why he did that, Sean Michael replied with a big smile on his face, “I just wanted to.”  His mom also shared that he runs across the parking lot to hug his principal.  How very thankful we are for Marathon Christian Academy and the impact they are making on your grandson’s life.

We thank God that our grandson is able to learn in such a loving environment.  And he is learning…he can now read the cards and the monthly daily devotional “Call To Glory KIDS” that we mail him once a month.  Yes, we couldn’t be prouder.



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One Response to Couldn’t be prouder!

  1. Linda Wright says:

    Wonderful, Gen!!


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