A “Bead-in”

    DSCN3179  DSCN3182

My dear friends, Darlene, Shirley, and Vernita, and I had such a fun day working on our beading projects and getting inspired by each others’ works-of-art.  Working through the morning into the afternoon, we beaded, ate, snacked, giggled, and received help and learned new things from our beading teach, Darlene.  Wished I had taken pics of their completed projects.  Well, next time I will, and surely there will be a next time!  We checked out the beading catalog and put together an order for our next beading projects.    I love these girls and the time we get to spend together.  A big “thank you” to Shirley for hosting our fun-filled day.

My Project:

Double Needle Serpentine
Darlene got me started on this last year and finally have
both the necklace and bracelet completed.
Made with #11 Crystal Beige 201A seed beads and
4mm Swarovski AB Bicones in Smoked Topaz.

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2 Responses to A “Bead-in”

  1. shortybear says:

    Awesome, sounds fun.


  2. THanks for stopping by my blog, I am looking forward to following you , it looks like a fun blog !! Loved this post, wish I could find some beading friends, looks like so much fun !!!


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